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The founders of this site are a team of IT professionals with decades of experience supporting the IT industry in various forms, including data centers. Our mission is to help data centers in every aspect of their operations. We are especially concerned with data center safety, and nowhere does that more come into play when data centers are migrating or relocating.

We are routinely asked to recommend data center relocation companies when data centers are moving from one facility to another. We sometimes give recommendations based on feedback from our clients.

When we realized that there was no centralized repository of comprehensive information on data center migrations and relocations, we knew this was a service that we could easily provide to data center managers. This is our ultimate goal.


We are working to meet that goal. Be sure to bookmark this site because we will be continually updating it with valuable information that data center managers can use whether they are doing a DIY migration or relocation, or they are using a third party to handle their migration or move.

Want to be featured on the site? Contact us.

Contact us if you’d like to be included among the data center relocation companies we will be featuring on our site or if you’d like to see information on a topic we have not covered yet. 

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